Hilton Head, SC – The Best Place to Retire

By on September 22, 2016

Happy retired couple standing on beach with arms outstretched

As we head into our retirement years, one of the most important things which we are thinking about is our quality of life. After all, retirement is our chance to relax after years of work giving us a chance and extra time to enjoy what life has to offer.

Many people are relocating to Hilton Head Island to enjoy their retirement years. They are choosing to come here for many different reasons, including the quality of life, the climate, and the great sense of community which is in abundance here. There are restaurants, art and music, golf courses, fishing, the beach and other natural attractions to keep you busy 24/7.

The Climate

The climate in Hilton Head is warm during the summer, but with mild winters. This means that it is comfortable all year around and residents and visitors alike the chance to enjoy as much of the outside life as possible.

Quality of Life

Hilton Head offers a great quality of life for all its residents. There are golf courses, nature walks, beautiful beaches and tennis for those who enjoy the active outdoor life. There are also an abundance of art galleries, theaters and other cultural options – giving you the chance to not only enjoy seeing and experiencing the best in culture, as well as a number of clubs, groups and associations which can give you the chance to join in with cultural activities.

Where to Live

There are many options open to people who are considering moving to Hilton Head in their retirement. Of course, you have the option to buy somewhere independently. There are a number of plantations or communities on the island, each with their own ambience, some of which are gated and some not. Some allow weekly rentals and are therefore a lot busier with tourists than others. The best way to decide where you would be best suited is to go and have a look around.

Hilton Head also has a number of ‘independent living’ communities. This is where the resident will buy their property, and the company which operates the community can offer help with things such as food, help with shopping, help with house cleaning, organizing trips and fitness centers.

For people who need more help there are also ‘assisted living’ communities which offer different levels of help – from minimal through to extensive.

Medical Care

Hilton Head Regional Medical Center and Clinics is the official Hilton Head hospital. There are emergency rooms, and the hospital can easily deal with most conditions – including the ability to carry out open heart surgery. There are a number of doctors who are experts in treating older people and the health aspects of growing older.

Transportation may be a problem if you cannot drive, as only the assisted living communities may provide transport. There are, however taxis available.


SHARE is a senior citizen’s organization in Hilton Head which offers social, educational and other activities for older people. Activities include bridge and poker clubs, softball, computer classes, bicycle clubs and much more.

If you are looking for somewhere visually beautiful, surrounded by the peace and tranquillity of nature, but fully set up to help people of retirement age, with the infrastructure and comfortable living, then Hilton Head is for you.

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