Hilton Head, SC – The Best Place to Retire

By on September 22, 2016

As we head into our retirement years, one of the most important things which we are thinking about is our quality of life. After all, retirement is our chance…



Hilton Head Golf Courses

By on August 30, 2016


Hilton Head Golf Courses

For many people, the name Hilton Head is synonymous with golf courses. The famous red and white striped lighthouse which is a familiar backdrop for Harbour…


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Culture and Art in Hilton Head Island

By on July 26, 2016

Whether you are living in or just visiting Hilton Head Island, if you are a lover of art and culture, then you are in your personal paradise. With a…


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Enjoy Local Produce in Hilton Head Island

By on July 18, 2016

There’s nothing better in terms of taste and freshness than eating local produce. Whether you are a fruit and veg person or enjoy fresh seafood and the salty sweetness…


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Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge – the Beautiful & Famous Park of Hilton Head Island

By on July 1, 2016

Are you an animal lover? Are you a natural outdoorsman? If so, then Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge located near beautiful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is the place…



Hilton Head Island History

By on June 24, 2016

Our lovely Hilton Head Island might not seem so at first glance, but it is steeped in a rich history. It being ‘discovered’ by William Hilton in the Lowcountry…


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Annual Events at Hilton Head Island

By on June 14, 2016

There are a million and one reasons why you would love to live or visit Hilton Head. It might be the stunning nature, excellent quality of life, sweet clean…


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Biking Hilton Head Island Bike Trails and Paths

By on June 4, 2016

The feeling of freedom, the wind in your hair, and the sun shining on your face; these are all relaxing and peaceful emotions. You can experience these same feelings…


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The History of the Hilton Head Lighthouse

By on May 15, 2016

Crashing waves, ships out to sea, and a swooping bright light. These are the very features you conjure up when thinking of lighthouses. The towers have become a very…


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Hilton Head Island’s Hidden Jewel: 12 Miles of White Sandy Beaches

By on April 22, 2016

Miles and miles of white sandy beaches, how absolutely divine! This scenario is exactly what you will find in lovely Hilton Head Island in the beautiful and charming state…